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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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zone, off limits, and protect by secret service checkpoints. >> that area will be opened, and, to pedestrians only. those zones are active no unauthorized vehicles will be allowed in and any pedestrians that want to get in the red zone will to have go through metal detectors. at 6:00 p.m. friday yellow traffic box in center city initial to effect followed by west philadelphia zone by ten. finally starting at 6:00 a.m. saturday the red security perimeter will open up for pedestrian strands who are there to see the holy father. so, what will businesses within those zones, do to ensure that they can stay open. >> i think we will have a full staff on for that day. >> reporter: corner deli manager, stephanie, says that
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since her location will be off limits to vehicles, she's planning ahead for deliveries. >> and we're actually going to have to stock up on everything the week of and we're making sure that we get double of everything. >> reporter: of course, there are still some concerns, for some business owners and mayor says his office will create an e-mail address, as well as a direct phone number, for those business own their still have questions and they can get those questions addressed on a case by case basis. we are live from center city i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learned about closures on the new jersey side today, i676 northbound will be shut down from exit three to the ben franklin bridge, same for route 30 westbound from the airport circle to the been been, ac rail line and river line will offer special passes for saturday and sunday, and they go on sale saturday at noon. and, if you are planning to walk from new jersey, be sure to plan for a long journey.
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look at the radius now from the other side of the ben franklin bridge to the the parkway it is 5-mile trek and gets longer the farther you get from the bridge. jessica, our pat ciarrocchi got a taste of the trek to come. members of the media joined transportation officials, for papal visit preview walk. pat walk side by side with a pair of new jersians who will cross the bridge to see the pope when he arrives in late september. she joins us from the art museum. i couldn't tell but i hope you brought your flats, walking shoes. >> reporter: this was not a high heel day i did wear my walking shoes today, ukee. in theory a few hundred thousand people could be walking over ben franklin bridge from the new jersey side. when new jersey transit officials decided to try out that route we decided to join them and we asked a couple friend to join us. >> this is a nice way to start. >> reporter: sacrifice, it is word that, yvette says with a ease of the woman filled with faith. today her faith journey took her ape her friend, nancy up
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and over the benjamin franklin bridge from camden. >> i think a lot of people will be able to do it. they may not be able to walk the older people but we are walking to day. that day they can go at their own pace. >> reporter: when new jersey transit executives decided to walk nearly 5 miles from what would be a close bridge to the art museum, to see pope francis, we asked yvette and nantz toy join us on the same walk. >> we need to have god in our hearts. so, i like it from the pope, that he comes for our family. >> reporter: yvette is a church leader at mary queen of all saints in camden's diocese. she came from puerto rico 13 years ago n september she will host 20 members of her family from puerto rico and they will all walk back and forth because francis, the argentina pope, who will speak in his and their native spanish, is worth it.
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>> well, my house will be a hotel for them. >> reporter: yvette and nantz write fearless at the top of the bridge, a intention that walking to see pope francis has to ignite a miracle for families, a miracle that yvette says is so needed. >> one of the sacrifices will be to walk and to be there in that special mass and just offer all of the sacrifice for our family and i think this is the best time to do it, close to us, and ask for help from heaven. >> reporter: well, yvette said she was happy to be able to practice with us today. my suggestion is that you really do need to practice if you are in the used to walking, you can take a look, ukee, difficult wear my red walking shoes, i felt like i was fleet a foot, that way. reporting live from the art museum, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". little more 40 days to go good
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walking the walk and loving every bit of it. stay with "eyewitness news" as we learn latest about the papal visit. we will have updates on television and on our web site at cbs philly to the come. two people were hurt on route 130 in delran burlington county. victims written side a car that flipped over when it collided with another reek will just before 10:00 this morning. northbound route 130 near chester avenue was closed for some time as authorities cleaned up the crash. in word on what caused it. more than 11 people are recovering after a school bus slam a liquor store in irvington essex county. bus driver said her brakes stopped working when they crashed in the suv and hit a building this morning. in of the injuries are serious. bargain hunters have a new spot to score great deals in time for back to school. gloucester premium outlets, in blackwood, new jersey opened to the public today. 370,000 square foot shopping center, and home to, and,
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designer stores. and, shoppers can expect days of giveaways, live entertainment and new parents. real housewives of new york star, bethenny frankel will be there, on saturday. well, fourth, final major pro golf event is 2015 is underway. golfers hit the links at the straits for this years pga championship. last year rory mcill royal hoisted the trophy. >> you have your eye on that. >> i do. >> you might not know that the award has local ties. it is named after john wanamaker's son rodman who found the professional golfers association. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones shows us another example of philly's far reaching routes in golfing history and new efforts to restore one course to its former glory. >> that is right. >> reporter: even a hacker like me can feel history of cobbs creek, golf course will turn 100 years old next year. >> is there like ghosts out here. you just feel that this was part of something grander, then it is right new.
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>> reporter: mike, an it guy and joseph faust a villanova professor are not afraid of people laughing in their face. a lot of people say you are nuts. there is no way you will turn cobbs creek around. >> very much so. we heard that, repeatedly. we heard that there have been previous efforts. you will never do it. you cannot get anything done with the city. >> we saw this as an opportunity to make municipal golf better in philadelphia. >> reporter: the two men are on a eight year quest so far to restore cobbs creek golf course in west philadelphia, in order to restore this golf course it will take more than 14 million-dollar, and so far mess of that money has been raised and it is all private money that will essentially be going to a public golf course. as for why they are doing it, it is a passion project to show off the history that is here. >> that had no barrier based on race, gender, or any other religious affiliation. >> reporter: late hall of famer charlie, considered jackie robinson of golf referred to cobbs creek as his
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home course. >> cue wilson of merion, george crump of pine val write part of the design time. >> we saw witt beth page and torey pines in southern california, you see really this has that potential. >> no question about it: you know, gill is the architect of record. >> reporter: malvern based architect designing 2016 olympic course in rio but opticals, and among them, major funding is needed for cobbs creek. the it may be years before any ground is broken on the plan but these two men keep on playing to hope to revive those ghosts on these ground. in cobbs creek, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love to see that happening to the creek. you can see final two round of the pga championship right here on cbs. tune in saturday and sunday to 2:00 to 7:00 for all of the action from whistling straits. by the way last report
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dustin johnson lead agent six under par, in second place, one stroke back, todd quinones, how did that happen. johnson is leading. >> i knew were you keeping an eye on that. >> still to come, how with a little extra cash. we will tell you why citizens bank customers could be seeing a boost in their bank account, vittoria. we are down the shore in ocean city, new jersey, it is absolutely perfect out, but i have been seeing one thing, the cuteness, it is killing me, it is 106 annual baby day parade and katie, i just can't even take it. >> cuteness is killing her. too much cuteness. didn't wait to check with the babies again. vittoria said it is a beautiful day all across the region but mercury is rising. we are talking about another heat wave this weekend. i'll have another forecast coming up, hi pat. >> hi kate. bird get ready for sunday's preseason game with the colts but bunch of eagles were not flying today as chip kelly
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continues to rest big names, we will tell you who coming up in sports.
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tonight a summertime warning about pools, the water can be
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contaminated with a parasite, even chlorine cannot kill. health reporter stephanie stahl with how you can protect yourself and your family at 11:00. citizens bank, must pay tens of millions of dollars in refund and penalties for shortchanging customers on the full deposit. federal regulators say bank kept the difference when deposit slips in the actual amount of money transferred didn't match. citizens bank will pay 14 million in refunds to customers and 20.5 million, in penalties. regulators call the bank's actions unfair and deceptive. some customers agree. >> i think that sound like fraud. >> i think that they shouldn't be doing that as unethical. >> i'm not a rich person so i have to concentrate on every nickel and dime and where it is going and how it is being spent. so these folks, you know, they really need to up their game. >> citizens bank says it has corrected its system for handling mistaken depos it slips. pennsylvania governor tom
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wolf is criticizing the state legislator for the budget stalemate in harrisburg. >> we have to get on a sound financial basis, get our financial house in order, and budget i was presented with on june 30th did not do that. >> the commonwealth is more than a month in the fiscal year without a budge net place. new poll find 54 percent of garden state voters want governor christie to resign to run for president. 41 percent of those asks said he should stay in office. reports indicate that the governor has spent 55 percent of the year, out of state. a steel beam recovered from the september 11th world trade center attack left philadelphia for florida today. the flag draped 2,000-pound artifact was put on the plane during a special ceremony at philadelphia international. it will be put on display at kennedy space center fire rescue's 9/11 memorial. september 11th will mark 14 years since the terror
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attacks. it the is in the just great weather making people smile today, an adorable addition to the boardwalk in ocean city. >> so cute our vittoria woodill is there for 106th annual baby parade. she has got herself a baby. hi there, vittoria. >> this is not my baby, this is the grand baby marshall, jack, jack, jack say hi. >> nicole's baby jack. >> now, nicole, come on over here, we are live, he wants his mommy. >> we are live down the shore at 106th baby parade here in ocean city new jersey and we have the best mommy, and baby duo, can you stand this place, the cutest. >> you are the grand marshall of the baby parade. what are your duties. >> first of all, it is such an honor. so much fun. this is the cutest parade in the country, maybe ever.
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>> what are your top three that you have seen. >> hi baby jacky saw cuties, like oranges, but they were triplets, and that had to be high on the list and also the one, the little will meat ball. >> creativity, nicole. >> i know, off the charts. >> i said next year he will be in costume. >> what do you think you are competitive, i know that. what are we thinking. >> he was a lobster, for halloween, so maybe we will bring that back. >> can you please, put him in a pod pot annie can be a chef. maybe we won't cook the chef. >> that is a little weird. >> whatever you want vittoria. >> i'll just watch, i will be a spectator. >> thanks so much. >> baby jack, sign back to ukee. >> he was channeling it and channeling it. >> we got it, right in there. >> yes, that is great.
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>> i love seeing baby jack. >> jackies growing up. >> he is a big boy. >> yes, he does indeed. >> beautiful little baby. >> he has a lobster pot, lobster trap. >> that will work. >> knowing nicole she's very competitive. >> she will win it next year probably. gorgeous day. what a perfect day for the the baby parade. you never want it to rain on the baby parade. you never want to it rain on any parade but certainly not the baby parade. great day in the region. weather looks fantastic for the weekend as well. we have had a great run of great summer weekend, don't have that much left, unfortunately everybody heading back to school in a few weeks but this weekend still a great summer weekend. lets see what is going on right now. it is thursday, we're talking about the weekend. we have a long weekend heading your way. you pick a good one. gorgeous outside right now. it is gorgeous right now tomorrow and gets hot, over weekend but heading to the mountains or down the shore we will not feel the heat quite as much. here's our live look, this is
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our roof camera looking out over city of philadelphia, blue sky, which ispy cloud, cumulus cloud, perfect looking afternoon out there. storm scan three will take a brief glimpse because there is nothing to show you skies are clear, hard pressed to find a cloud and many locations, across the delaware valley this afternoon. so temperature wise how are we fairing? we have already dropped back down to the 70's in a few spots. it is feeling like a hint of early fall or early september in the air here in allentown, reading and lancaster. we will not rush september, good with mid-august. eight at the the airport. eighty in wildwood. comfortable 57-degree ocean water temperature. this is my favorite time, late august, early september, ocean water still warm, weather still warm. some people go back to school. crowd lesson. what a perfect beach day. eighty-two in stone harbor. eighty-two cape may. seventy-six in ocean city where that baby parade is ongoing. look at these due points dropping to 49 in philadelphia
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in mid-august, that is unheard of. it is awesome. fifty-one is to point in trenton. unfortunately we cannot keep this stretch of days forever. this is philadelphia, not san diego. we will steam up over next couple days. sunny and warm tomorrow. we are still on the east side of the high. we will get in the southeasterly flow saturday. hotter and more humid. same story sunday. hazy sunshine. hot again with highs in the the lower 90's. today as we said awesome. tomorrow we are just in the pleasant range. still nice day. then saturday heat and humidity start to ramp up sunday into monday as we await arrival of the next cold front late tuesday. overnight mainly clear, comfortable. 65 degrees. lots of sun, turning warmer, up to 88, 5 degrees warmer. dew point is still in the mid to upper 50's. still comfortable for a summer afternoon. lets look at your shore forecast for the weekend, maybe heading down for your friday, look at this stretch, mid 80's friday and saturday. warmer on sunday. look at that water.
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makes you want to dive in. beautiful weather down the shore for next several days. cooler there then it will be in the city. we have hit 90 on saturday and then in the 90's, monies hot days of this particular stretch up to 95 on monday, tuesday, still in that heat wave and then we will break it down in the upper 80's wednesday ape thursday. sunshine through the weekend, lower 90's, still nice. >> we will take it. >> thanks, kate. we will be right
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so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. i have forgotten all about it but my game day. >> bun of games happening. >> are you ready for some football. >> tonight is there nfl action, six games are on the schedule this evening, but the eagles will to have wait until sunday when colts come to town as the bird prep, an impressive group of players sat out including ryans, kiko
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alonzo, michael kendrick and zach ertz. demarco murray was mia but insist he is not injury. a malcolm jenkins being the leader he is decided to bring his teammates lawn chairs to relax. >> we have a lot of guys for whatever reason taking a little day off. i wanted to make sure they had a nice little seat, in a place in the shade while we are all out there working. >> what a gentlemen. >> big boys up front on the offensive line will be task todd keep sam bradford upright this season. three of the five positions are accounted for with jason kelce, jason peters and lane johnson the attack else. it is guard positions that have some worried, allen barber had hold of one spot but other is vacant, kelce says, no problem. >> two tackles are the in most important positions on the field, on the offensive line play. those guys, we have two tackle positions you can make up for a lot of loss anal even barber
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is a tremendous player. we have known that here. we are excited he is getting an opportunity. we will figure out that one spot out, before the the season. >> night off for fill hoist avoided a sweep in arizona last night, fightins pitching staff need this rest are. they gave up 32 runs in the three games with the d backs. phillies start a three game series with milwaukee tomorrow night. espn reports that chase utley will only agree to a trade if he is guarantied playing time with that new team. source told espn that utley will play beyond this season. there were talks reported between phillies and giants but this news could take giants out of the running, and joe paneka, who will return from injury later this year. it will be weird to see chase in any other uniform but it is still possible. >> play him. >> find another team. >> wouldn't you want to move on. >> he loves the game that much. >> yes. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
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i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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♪usic: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" tonight is godzilla sized el nino headed for california, look at the forecast and what the monster storm system could mean for the drought stricken state. from new york here now with scott pelley, stay here family we will see you later tonight.
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>> pelley: nasa is calling it a potential godzilla, a weather system that could bear down on the united states. also tonight, we're on the scene of the catastrophic explosions in china. the death toll is rising. tourniquets save accident victims, but fakes are turning up that could cost lives. and a courtroom artist gets called for roughing the quarterback. >> i want to apologize to all his fans. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: well, we never expected to lead the broadcast with an attack by godzilla, but today, the weather service announced a system is forming in the pacific that one nasa climatologist


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